Mother / Daughter Fashion Trends

by Danya Lantz
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There’s a fine line between spoiling your children and wanting them to have special items that they desire. Growing up, I recall wanting a Roots varsity jacket so badly! I felt like ALL my friends and their moms or dads had one and I just needed it. It was a cool parent/child fashion trend!
Looking back now at the 90s, I would have preferred to have a fitted leather jacket – it would have been much more flattering! You ask, did my mom buy me the Roots jacket? Nope. She was a single parent and invested in cabbage patch dolls for me instead. Love my mom.

Now, I have a soft spot for mother/daughter fashion trends and make certain exceptions when they are worthy. Let’s talk about those worthy trends.


Fashion Trend #1 – LAZYPANTS


It took me awhile to try on these sweatpants.  I resisted the trend because I’ve been so accustomed to fitted yoga pants and couldn’t wrap my head around something loose. But then, my daughter and I both tried on LAZYPANTS and we were struck by the plush feel of the soft cotton blend pants. From then on we didn’t want to take them off. The idea behind the LAZYPANTS is to encourage the wearer to lounge and feel good while doing so.  We were happy to oblige. Wearing top of the line sweatpants makes it all the more comfortable and enjoyable.


The colour choices are plentiful, everything from neon to neutrals and each season comes with new styles and colours. You can even dress your toddler and your hubby.  Sizes run the gamut too.  My daughter loves her navy blue LAZYPANTS and chose to wear it with her gray LAZYPANTS sweatshirt.  My red sweats are my after work go-to pant!  It is also comforting to support a company that has their products made in Canada.  Check out  Prices start at $76.


Fashion Trend #2 – Geeky Glasses


Now it’s cool to look smart! I love supporting this trend.  My daughter and I both wear prescription glasses so this was a purposeful trend to follow.  Joining the likes of Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp, we purchased the large black frame prescription glasses. The nice part of this fashion statement is that there are an array of choices and a range of prices appealing to all interests. The lenses are so large that it makes it a breeze to see more in focus! I bought my Geeky Glasses online at  They have a large selection and the prices are unbeatable.


Fashion Trend #3 – Toms


As this trend began to emerge, I was not ready to jump aboard the band wagon.  I’m just not a fan of canvas shoes.  However, I was enlightened to learn that for every shoe sold a corresponding pair of shoes is donated to a child in need.  Toms has already donated 10,000,000 shoes.  Yes, that’s 10 MILLION!  


So I was now compelled to take a closer look. Tom’s has come out with some very fashionable styles this year.  I bought my daughter and son matching black/white design Tom’s.  They love how comfortable they are and I like that they can dress them up and down, as long as they don’t get them dirty wearing them at the park.  A lot of mom’s have bought Tom’s for themselves, but I’m not there, yet. has a variety of children, women’s, and men’s shoes.  Prices start at $35.00  


Fashion Trend #4 – Tween Spas  


Do you remember that giddy feeling you had when little things make you happy? My daughter and I felt that excitement when we went to Glama Gal Spa.   We walked into this cute pink, white and black building near Yorkdale and were greeted with pink tinkinis (pink lemonade served in martini style glasses), beautifully decorated mini cupcakes, bedazzled slippers and a spa robe.  My chatterbox daughter was completely shell-shocked! She was in awe and smiling from ear to ear as they let her choose cotton candy scented bath bombs and birthday cake scented lotion all while lapping up an ice cream sundae we were served during our mani and pedi treatments.  My daughter and I were pleasantly surprised that they carried VINYLUX polish for a manicure that lasts at least 7 days. We sat in pretty pink chairs and read encouraging girl statements written across the spa walls. The aestheticians were caring and attentive while focusing on girl power, mimicking the statements on the walls throughout the spa. Visit for more info about all their services. Be prepared to have amazing bonding time with your daughter and freshly painted nails!

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