We need a DateNight Now! How to find a babysitter

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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This is a really great app that I found and wanted to share with all our readers, followers and P&B Members.  It helps members find a babysitter asap!  Elize, a Trinity-Bellwoods mom started it and it’s an amazing service that connects you with a roster of babysitters. You get to meet the babysitters ahead of time and you can count on them as a ongoing sitters for a Saturday Night!  Below is the interview we conducted to get you all the answers you need to get hooked up with a babysitter and start enjoying your night life again!

What does DateNight do?

DateNight connects parents with local babysitters. For parents — it gets us a little bit of freedom.  With extended families living further away, more young families than ever have little child care support.  So a night out for dinner or a couple hours in the afternoon to shop solo is a big treat. But to go out — you need a babysitter. So we help you find one.

Why did you start it?

A couple of reasons.  I have 2 boys (4.5 and 2.5).  My kids are great — hilarious, rambunctious, happy — and we have fun.  But once in a while — I’d like to not have to wrestle them into bed and to eat a quiet(ish), uninterrupted dinner with my husband.  At a restaurant.  And I found it really hard to make that happen.  I think that I’m a better mom overall when I take time for myself here and there.  I figured that there must be a tech solution to the problem.  But with so few women in tech — I think that our needs are under-addressed — because we’re not at the forefront.  So I decided to do something about it.  Really — I just wanted to be able to book a babysitter that I love, and that my kids love — in 3 clicks.
How does it work?

Like this:



  • You Register with DateNight
  • You see a list of local babysitters, their experience and their credentials
  • You pick a few that you want to meet and you request free interviews (for 30 minutes — at your house)

  • Babysitters accept or decline interviews by text

  In a few days:


  • Babysitters come and meet you and your family for interviews
  • Once you’ve met the babysitters and decided that you like them — you become a client of theirs

  Next week:

  • You can request babysitting with them in a few clicks through our app

Who are DateNight babysitters?

For the most part, babysitters on our roster are U of T, Ryerson and George Brown students.  Some are ECEs, some have Nannied, some have years and years of babysitting, Camp Counsellor and volunteering experience. Rates are between $10 and $15 an hour — with most university or college students charging $12/hour.

How is this different? Why not just get a regular babysitter?

You could totally get a babysitter the usual way. But DateNight saves you time. It saves you the back and forth of emailing different people to set up interviews. It lets you request babysitting quickly and easily in a few clicks. And it lets you pay by on your phone by Credit Card at the end of the night (or day) — so that you’re not scrambling to a bank machine on your way home.  It’s way more convenient. DateNight2

This sounds neat.  Can I gift someone babysitting for the holidays?

You can!  We just set it up.  Now you can give a friend, a spouse, a neighbour the Gift of Time!
If you go to our website  — you can send a gift of babysitting to be delivered by text message or email … on whatever day at whatever time you like.  It’s a great gift.  It’s clutter-free.  Most parents want a babysitter.  Once they get their gift — they register with DateNight and choose a few babysitters to meet — and they’re off!

What do you do with your babysitting time?

What do I do?  Ha.  Well, last week we went to a meeting at my son’s school without the kids (exciting, I know).  Once, we grocery shopped solo (which is a totally different experience).  I badly need a haircut — so maybe I’ll use my time to do that?  Usually we meet up with friends and have dinner, though.  We use it as a time to re-connect.


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