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Nicole’s Workout week 10 & fit tips from trainer Robb Armstrong

by Robb Armstrong
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eLifestyle’s Robb Armstrong has helped me tremendously in my transformation into a super fit healthy mommy and I would like to share my wonderful experience with all the fab mom’s of PINK & BLUE. In today’s post, I want to share some quick easy tips on weight loss.

Shedding those last few pounds is always the hardest. With all kinds of new diet and training regimens being created every day, I used to be overwhelmed with information and was lost in my quest to be a healthy mom for my kids. As the saying goes, “Too much of anything, is good for nothing ! ” and it proved to be true. With Robb’s help, I have not only cleared my mind but also gained sound nutritional advice to aid me in my weight loss.

Here are my trainer Robb Armstrong’s tips from eLifestyle

Robb’s 3-Pack Training Tips 

Shedding post-baby weight to create a sleek, strong and feminine body shouldn’t have you going crazy. So, here’s some tips to clear some confusion in your journey towards losing weight and feeling great!


How to combat the aging process


  • Diet & Nutrition: First and foremost, a change in lifestyle is the best option, so becoming diet-conscious is key. In simple terms, you should strive to ensure an adequate intake of high-quality protein from a variety of sources such as eggs, poultry, fish and lean meat, accompanied by an increase in fruits and vegetables, and a reduced intake of cereal grain foods.
  • Physical Exercise: It’s a fact that after the age of 30 we lose approximately 1% of our muscle mass each year. Resistance training is the most effective method of maintaining and building the lean muscle that can protect us from physical decline.

 Understanding good fats

Due to our over-processed diets, most Canadians are deficient in good fats – most notably Omega-3, which raise your good cholesterol and can also be converted to energy, but are over saturated in the bad ones – trans fats and cholesterol (animal fat). Here’s what to look for when choosing the right foods for general overall good health and to enhance your weight loss efforts…


  • Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) – Monounsaturated: Reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure and control diabetes. Polyunsaturated: Reduce triglycerides, inflammation and tumor growth, improve immune function and protect against heart disease.
  • Omega-3 (Linolenic Acid) – Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) is the principal Omega-3 fatty acid, which a healthy human will, through a conversion process in the body, experience the enhancement of many bodily functions. These include vital organ function, improved circulation and oxygen uptake and intracellular activity, to name only a few.

Omega-3 and weight loss


  • Omega-3s can be a potent weapon to aid fat metabolism. In particular, studies have shown that when subjects used Omega-3 fish oils they lowered their insulin levels by 50% and allowed for more fat to be used as fuel for energy!
  • Insulin is a hormone that reduces the use of fat for fuel, while also promoting fat storage in the presence of excess calories. Simply put, high levels of insulin make it less likely that your body will use stored fat as a fuel source.
  • 10 Omega-3 Rich Foods: flax seeds and oil, hempseeds and oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, avocados, soybean oil, mackerel, salmon and sardines.

Happy Weight Loss!


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