Oh, The Places You’ll Go….By Georgia Makedonas

by Eleni
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Every week, my 8-year-old daughter has to do a book report on the book she chose from the school library that week. Today we worked on her book report. She chose a book from home because she was away on Library Day and she just happened to choose one of my favourite books of all time.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go 

By, Dr. Seuss


We’ve read this book many times but we read it again today to refresh her memory and…the report she wrote BLEW MY MIND! It is incredible how we complicate things as adults and sometimes it may be as easy as stopping and looking at life on a more simple level. What I loved most is that I realized that the values I am trying to teach my girls are actually resonating with them (this makes me a proud mama!!) A few months ago I read a book by Arianna Huffington “THRIVE”. This book really changed my perspective on life in many ways. One of the messages I loved actually came from Ms. Huffington’s mother. She states in her book that when her and her sister were stuck or complained about something, their mother would tell them to “change the Channel”! How brilliant is this? What an amazingly clever way to explain to a child that they actually hold the key to their own happiness. After reading the book I think I vomited “change the channel” all over my two girls (8 & 5) because I really want them to understand the deep meaning that is attached to it and to my amazement – THEY GOT IT!! 


Here is her report!


It reads this:


“This book is about life. In life we have choices like the boy in the book had. The book is about making good choices. Life is not always good and it is sometimes bad. Life can sometimes feel like a roller coaster and it’s up to you to change the channel.”


It really is that simple. Life is not and will not be easy all the time. We can wait for it to change or we can take control and move ahead on our own. 


A few of my favourite lines from this book are:


“You have brains in your head. 

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself 

Any direction you choose.”


“All Alone!

Whether you like it or not,

Alone will be something

You’ll be quite a lot”


Life will undoubtedly be full of ups and downs – or roller coaster rides – and we simply have to realize that we are in control of the direction we go. The choice is 100% yours. We blame others for our circumstance all too often because it’s the easy way out however each and every one of us is solely responsible for our happiness and our destiny. Moreover, it’s imperative to understand that in life you will be alone A LOT. Alone with your feelings, alone with yourself and, just plain old ALONE. So…get to know yourself and more importantly, get to like yourself because you’re going to be spending a lot of time together. If I can instill this message in my children I would be over the moon with joy!


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