Parenting Basics, Interview with Sarah Leplae

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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“Going back to basics,”  surely we’ve all heard that phrase at one point or another, so much so that I cannot even track its origin anymore. We use those words in reference in many stages of our lives, whether it be diet, wardrobe, or even work, there comes many times and places where we just want to go back to basics. What does that even mean now-a-days, especially in regards to parenting?

In an increasingly complicated world, where our beliefs are tangled in an intricate web of conflicting ideas, and what is right is only right for a moment or two, how are we to know what the basics are anymore? I’ve had the pleasure to speak with mother of two and entrepreneur Sarah Leplae, and she warmly talked to me about what exactly her parenting basics are. As a firm believer in having a prevalent mind and body connection, Sarah has a couple of fundamentals she sticks to keep her family healthy and happy. To prepare herself and her children for busy days (and essentially life) ahead, each day must include a good amount of sleep, physical activity, focus, healthy meals and a mindfulness about ones actions. Easier said than done, that is for sure. The main thing for her, is not allowing all of life’s curveballs get in the way of the fundamentals, as they are what ultimately contribute to a good day. When everything else is ‘out of whack,’ these basics set up Sarah and her family for success. 


The key to balancing a career and motherhood, Sarah says, is making sure you are always present. She notes that you could do your best to schedule, organize, and always be on the go, but without focus it is not possible. Time with the kids, is solely time without the phone, computer or any other distractions. Same goes for time spent on work. Sarah works from home running her clothing and accessories business, Chic Mammas. It started off about two years ago, with one piece of jewelry inspired by her infant son. Sarah created a beaded silicone necklace, which acts as a bold accessory in addition to a teething tool for a baby. Mixing both fashion and function in a product is a mandate for Sarah in order to continue to produce high-quality and affordable pieces. Chic Mammas, has expanded their line to include more styles of teething jewelry, nursing covers, children’s jewelry and soother clips. All the products she produced are non-toxic, BPA free and are highly recommended by other mothers. Since having children, Sarah’s style has changed to include a bigger emphasis on accessorizing. “[Having kids]… you can’t be as selfish as you were before them. Now that money I used to spend on a new outfit for myself is spent on them. Accessories can be just as exciting as a new outfit but more affordable and accessible.” Her products are all developed with care and are inspired by real experiences from real mothers. Before putting something out on the market, Sarah takes a lot of time in making sure each product is researched, fully developed and tested by numerous mothers. 

There is a lot to learn from mothers, one of them being the struggle for balance. Regardless of whether you are a parent or not, achieving balance in your life, and doing so with a sense of calm and happiness is not as easy as it looks. With the addition of children, parents are just give one (or more) priorities to manage amongst a plate of others. I’ve learned from Sarah that making a conscious effort to achieve stability allows it to be more of a reality. It all goes back to her philosophy of being focused and aware in all aspects of life. “Being 100% present all the time, its a struggle, but it’s important to me.”  

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