Physical Activity is Important For Moms Too!

by Andrea Grace
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As health-conscious moms we strive to be good role models for our families, and demonstrating a physically active lifestyle is an important step to the overall health of our children. Physiological benefits of a regular exercise routine include increased strength and aerobic fitness, improvements in bone density, better balance and increased flexibility. Exercise also increases energy levels and reduces stress, allowing you to minimize your irritability with life’s daily frustrations and feel more relaxed and confident.
Life as a mom is busy busy busy; there may hardly be enough time in the day to shower, much less time for a rigorous exercise regime! Do not panic if it has been years since you last exercised; the body always responds! Choose an activity that YOU enjoy, such as walking, yoga, a group exercise program, or weight training. Exercising with a friend or group helps create a valuable support system, and increases your motivation and likelihood of maintaining the program. You will be more likely to adhere to an exercise program that you enjoy, rather than
one you just think you should do.
We have had a cold snowy winter so far but try to get moving anyway! The sidewalks by your house may be cleared by now……bundle up your babe in the stroller and off you go! Twenty minutes of non-stop walking at a fairly fast pace is an awesome way to increase fat burning and your energy level! Your baby may even take a little nap with all of that fresh air!
Or hit the mall and do some “power walking” pushing your babe in their stroller. You may run into another mom or two so encourage them to join along! You can reward yourselves after with a little shopping/coffee/smoothie/etc.!
Of course there are always classes to join that incorporate baby into the workout!
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Spring is on the way but until then………try to get active!!
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