Planning Your Winter Vacation

Tips and Tricks-Family Travel!

by Wioletta Rehman
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There are lots of questions that will go through your mind when you are planning on taking a vacation: Did we book off time from work? Should we go spend time with family? Should we to go to a tropical destination? These questions can be overwhelming, but don’t worry – my travel tips will make you feel confident when you plan your next vacation.

Booking the Flight

Personally, when I visit my family in Europe, I plan a longer trip. I usually visit for two to three weeks. Going to Europe is a big trip. Since it can be expensive, we usually book our tickets six months ahead of time. Getting our tickets early also allows us to avoid problems with sold-out flights during the holidays. Kids are out of school and everyone wants to travel, so book early!

While my trips to Europe are a little longer, I usually only spend a week or so at tropical destinations. I also book my tickets early, but I usually only need to book the flight one to two months in advance. Keep in mind, the high season for travelling starts in the second half of December and ends in the second week of January. Prices will be highest at this time and there will be fewer flights available.

Things to Consider Before you Travel

1. Passports
Are they still valid?
2. Shopping
Do you need to buy anything to bring with you?
3. School
Remember to talk to you children’s teachers if you are leaving at the beginning of December. In public schools, you will need to fill out a few forms to take your kids out of school early.
4. Inform
Make sure to tell all the instructors of after school programs and activities that you children will be away on holiday.
5. Consent Letter
The Canadian government advises that children travelling abroad alone or with only one parent/guardian should get a consent letter from their other parent/guardian.

Never forget: book your trip early! Don’t increase your stress levels this holiday season by being a last-minute traveler.




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