Post Mother’s Day Pick Me UP!

by Danya Lantz
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As Mother’s Day approached and I chatted with my friends about their plans, I came to realize that women often feel that it’s another day to entertain the family – whether it be their kids or mothers. I decided that my goal for Mother’s Day is to instill the value of time for us mothers.  It is perfectly OK and certainly healthy for us to do something for ourselves. Dr. Bowlby’s attachment theory states that it’s the quality of the parent/child attachment that is of utmost importance, not necessarily the amount of time mom spends with her children.  Point is TAKE SOME ME TIME!

I followed my own advice and enjoyed an incredible early Mother’s Day courtesy of me at Mayfair West Club.  I started my day by dropping off all 3 of my children at Kidspace, the kids drop off area within the club.  As soon as we entered, they raced to the toy area, leaving me feeling guilt free.  No “goodbye mom” or “I love you, see you soon, mom”. But that’s OK because as they settled in, all I wanted to do was race to the ladies locker room and maximize my ME TIME.

I’ve been a member at Mayfair for a while but couldn’t fathom dropping my kids off for hours so I could swim, shower, steam, spa and dine at the club’s restaurant.  Well I did! After I completed my laps in the saltwater pool for an hour, I headed over to the eucalyptus steam room in prep for my spa treatment. The fun was about to begin!

Slavica, the veteran aesthetician, scrubbed me down with a marine salt blend and then nourished my body with milk cream that left me feeling so supple. My favourite part was yet to come – a Cell Shock Virtual Surgery Facial.  Say that again – OK – a Cell Shock Virtual Surgery Facial.  I was scrubbed, peeled, hydrated , popped and massaged for over an hour.  I truly felt like it was an out of body experience! I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed and at peace. It also helped that I left looking a few years younger.

It was time for me to pick up my 3 little munchkins and saunter over for lunch at the yummy on site restaurant.  Who wouldn’t love a buffet for Mother’s Day? My favourite pick was the glazed salmon and arugula salad.  My kids were thrilled to have their choice of all the breakfast foods they love to stuff their faces with.

After leaving Mayfair with a full tummy, happy heart and relaxed mind, I was already planning my next ME outing.  A HEALTHY mommy equals a happy family. Happy Mother’s Day, ladies – and remember it’s all about ME TIME ANYTIME!

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