The power of skin-to-skin contact


by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Our birth plan was something that we had gone over many times but when it came time to deliver our baby girl everything changed. In a heartbeat my perfect plan got flipped upside down. Her delivery was hard but she came out safe and the one thing we stuck to from our original birth plan was the immediate skin-to-skin contact.

After an overwhelming birthing process for both of us, the skin-to-skin contact immediately calmed us both down and we were able to look at each other for the first time. I was able to marvel at the life I had created and she was able to feel me, to smell me and to remain safe and protected in the folds of my body as she had for more than nine onths.

There is a lot of research coming out about the power of skin-to-skin contact between parent and baby and these findings helped to create the Huggies Hug Plan. Developed by Huggies and informed by science, the Hug Plan is a natural extension of the birth plan to help parents maximize their skin-to-skin contact with their babies immediately after birth. The Plan allows parents to outline their skin-to-skin preferences post –birth so that they can spend the precious moments bonding with their baby and unleashing the power of hugs.

From July 18, expectant parents can download the Hug Plan free at within the Power of Hugs tab. For us, the skin-to-skin interaction following birth was the most crucial part of our birth plan. We couldn’t wait to hold our new baby girl. This should be an experience for all new parents and they should have access to all the important information that supports this need for hugs.

To celebrate the launch of the Hug Plan, Pink and Blue will be giving away two Hug Boxes to an expecting parent. The boxes will include Huggies diapers and wipes to get you started on your journey as a new parent. Visit our Contest Page to enter-



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