I have a 21 month old that stopped breastfeeding when he was about 17-18 months old. He stopped because my milk supply totally dried out when I got pregnant. Once in a while, usually at the night before he goes to bed, he won’t go to sleep unless I lay down beside him and let him touch one of my breasts while he has his night time milk. Has anyone gone through this with their weaned toddler? Also, has anyone ever let their weaned toddler suck on the breast for comfort?

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Maris: My son stopped nursing at 2.5 and for a long time after would put his hand on a boob (didn’t have to be mine) when he was tired or sick. It’s normal. It’s a comfort thing. He’s now 4 and rarely does it.

Amy: My daughter weaned herself at 14 months and still asks to nurse about once a week (she’s 18 months). There’s nothing there but it’s a nice cuddle for both of us. 

Stacy: My sister in law let my niece dry nurse for a while until she no longer wanted it. It was comforting to her and helped her fall asleep. It was useful in the transition too.


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