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Home Safety with Tide + Parenting Expert, Dr. Shefali Tsabary

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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As a trusted resource for parents, we often get asked questions around the topic of safety. How to keep our kids safe and ways to make sure they stay safe are concerns that come up with all parents. At Pink & Blue, our answer is always that safety with kids begins in the home. Making safe choices in the house gives all families the tools to make safe choices in other scenarios and after all, that’s the main objective as a parent.


Dr. Shefali Tsabary, who we are obsessed with and who you might recognize from her amazing book, The Conscious Parent, or her work on Oprah, is a leading child psychologist and along with Tide, she created a Safety Style Quiz. By taking this simple, four-question quiz, parents can find out which style they most identify with and receive laundry safety tips. This quiz can help parents become more mindful about their own parenting style. Once you’re aware of your unique safety style, it helps you figure out the best way to keep your kids safe. Stay tuned into what is out there and make sure you are mindful about what you bring in the home in the first place.


“Click here to take the Tide Parenting Safety Style Quiz”

Being the best parent possible means knowing yourself first so when Dr. Shefali came into the mix, we knew this was a great initiative that we could get behind.

We had the chance to sit down and talk to Dr. Shefali and ask her some questions about, safety in the home and mindful parenting. Here’s what she had to say:

P&B: From your personal and clinical experience, what are some of the biggest parenting challenges in today’s modern society and what’s your advice for parents?

Dr. Shefali: Every parent has the same concern – the safety and security of their child. This means the psychological, social and physical safety. Things can happen but we all want to do our best to keep our children safe.

P&B: Parents are always asking themselves the question, how do you keep the balance between trusting your child and making sure they’re safe? You tackled this head on with your work with Tide. Tell us about it!

Dr. Shefali: You want to trust your children according to what is appropriate for them and what they can handle. We tend to let go control as they grow and develop and become ready for more trust. One way to make sure your children are safe is to use products that are invested in your children’s safety like Tide. You want to be purchasing products that are intentionally created to keep kids safe. Stay tuned in o what is out there and make sure you are mindful about what you bring in your home in the first place.

P&B: What causes someone to be a certain safety style?

Dr. Shefali: A lot of the causes come from a parent’s own background, development and how they were parented. Plus, the have to consider who their children are, which is multi-faceted. The quiz is so clever because it zooms in on core parental safety style and gives insight to where you fall on a spectrum. We are all on a spectrum and no style is better or worse than another.

P&B: Can our parenting style change over time?

Dr. Shefali:Yes! And it should according to the needs of the child.

P&B: What safety tips can parents keep in mind and actually implement in the home to acknowledge this while it’s on our minds?

Dr. Shefali: The first thing to do is to get organized and child-proof the home. Buy products with safety guards and security to keep children out of them– and keep these products out of reach of children. Be aware and discerning. There are the obvious child-proofing items like gates but be mindful of things like leaving sharp objects around or other common-sense things that parents sometimes overlook.

P&B: How did you incorporate your theory of Conscious Parenting when helping Tide develop the Safety Style Quiz?

Dr. Shefali: I have worked with so many parents that I know the different styles and approaches they might have. I created this quiz with the idea that once you know who you are you can know how to parent your child. I think it’s very important to equip yourself with knowledge as a parent.

P&B:What is it about laundry pacs that makes them appealing to children?

Dr. Shefali: Children will put their hands on anything that is colorful and nothing is safe with kids today. Just being aware that they will want to get into anything pretty and colorful. Thorough childproofing allows parents to spend more time relaxing and enjoying their children. Make sure to keep liquid laundry pacs up high, closed and out of reach from children – just as parents would with dozens of other household cleaning products. In addition, I love Tide’s Child Guard Tub, which provides a stronger layer of protection with a harder-to-open child-resistant lid.

P&B: What is the best advice for parents that you have regarding mindful parenting as a whole?

Dr. Shefali: Just to be mindful. Take it slowly. Don’t rush and don’t be too busy.

P&B: What’s the #1 thing that comes up in therapy and the core issue that all adults, especially parents, need to face?

Dr. Shefali: The main thing is safety. Parents are scared of influences out there. We want to protect our children and it’s hard to manage the stress of that.

P&B: Anything else you’d like to add?

Dr. Shefali: When it comes to the safety of our children, we have to be empowered in making the right choices on products.. Invest inproducts that investin your children’s safety, like Tide.

Pink & Blue always wants to help parents stress less and enjoy more and of course, be safe. We love the idea of taking the safety quiz that Dr. Shefali created and finding out what your style is. For us at P&B, we are an “Elephant” parent! We want to hear from you what your style is and nay tips and tricks you have for keeping the house and your kids safe. No matter what style of parent you are, we can all agree that the safety and well-being of our kids is every parent’s top priority.





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