Sneak It Up: Give Yourself a “Lift”

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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As the temperatures start to drop and the leaves start to change, we begin to realize the time has come to retire our flip-flops for the season. We have become extremely attached to these versatile and comfy alternatives throughout the summer months. But alas, our toes are beginning to feel numb and the air is starting to chill our bones, starting from our feet up.

Although there are many alternatives for these colder months such as the ballet flat, the smoking slipper and the riding boot, there seems to be a new contender on the scene. Sporty, comfortable, practical and completely on trend…I introduce to you the “concealed wedge high-top”. These are a trendy alternative to the traditional tennis shoe or sneaker, perfect for those of you who would like to be comfortable and supported, but don’t mind a slightly elevated heel (a la the concealed wedge), for style and length. Most of these stylish sneakers had some seriously “high fashion” price tags, yet we are now starting to see more reasonable options on the market.

To keep this look a fashion-do rather than a fashion-don’t, stick to sneakers that are monochromatic or showcase only two neutrals. Wear these kicks with leggings or very narrow pants, helping to elongate your legs. This narrow bottom look is great for wearing something more voluminous on top, concealing a baby-bump or anything you would rather keep hidden post-baby. Lastly, try to keep your outfit simple. Layer some great jersey pieces for a comfortable and relaxed look, bundle up in a thick knit sweater, or layer a jacket (blazer or leather bomber are great options) over a simple shirt for easy yet presentable outfit choices.

By: Nicole Schwartz, visit her website  or email her at

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