Are you ready for the #solareclipse today on August 21?!

Warning to parents… How to keep you and your kids safe!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Are you ready for the #solareclipse today on August 21?! 😮 If not, we love this article by PBS Parents on how to watch this amazing event with your kiddos.

Check it out here:

🌘 WARNING: between hours of 12-4 pm to be sage ( but check your local news stations to confirm)
Don’t forget not to look up at the sun or let your kids look up into the sky even for a few seconds. . It can blind you if you look at the sun today!! You can get special glasses that can protect them, regular sunglasses will “NOT” protect your eyes!!

It may seem harmless, but looking at a solar eclipse with naked eyes can cause serious eye injury and even permanent damage to your eyes. Excessive amounts of ultraviolet radiation can cause photokeratitis, which is much like a sunburn to the eyes. Looking directly at the sun during an eclipse can also cause solar retinopathy.

“The Great American Eclipse is coming! Stay up to date right here. ( Check with your local news stations or outlets to confirm, this information is purely informational to help warn parents and keep them safe! We highly suggest you check with your local news outlets or doctors and do your own research.)

Reposted image from @greatamericaeclipse

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