Speaking of Holidays…

Santa says…Hannuka Harry Hears…

by Sharon Weisz
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The holidays are full of cheer, but also chaos with family and friends visiting, endless parties and good eats. This can make staying on schedule a challenge. However, this can actually be a great opportunity to stimulate your wee one’s language since you may be home more than usual spending quality time with your family.

Below is a list of vocabulary words you can use during the holiday season. Remember to use these words BEFORE, DURING and AFTER an interaction:

  • Nouns: present/gift/toy, bow/ribbon, Santa, elf, Christmas, tree, candy cane, cake, cookies, Channukah, Menorah/Chanukiah, light(s), candles, latkas, Sufganiot/jelly donuts, gelt (Chanukah money), dreidel.
  • Verbs: open, wrap, help, light, eat, give (give a gift/charity), play, want, spin (dreidel), sing, dance.
  • Adjectives: more, yummy, big/small (big present, big tree), messy (jelly donuts!)
  • Prepositions (words about location): under (under the tree, mistletoe), top (star at the top), in/inside (what’s inside the gift bag?), out (take out the gift), beside (who is sitting beside you?)

Songs are also an integral part of the holiday season, so blast some holiday tunes and dance like nobody’s watching!

Happy holidays and much cheerful chatter!

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