Spring Cleansing

by Farzana Bandali
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Spring is in the air – it’s time to get rid of all your clutter. This usually means clearing out your closet, vacuuming under the bed, and cleaning behind the fridge.  Besides getting things in order around your house, spring is also the perfect time to do some inner cleaning as well.

As we all know, our world is full of toxins – in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.  Our diets have essentially become chemicalized – we consume way too much alcohol and caffeine, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, and processed foods.  Our body systems and organs that were once capable of cleansing our bodies naturally have become overloaded.  The results: toxic substances linger in our tissues and wreak havoc on our delicate bodies.

Some of these toxic substances can be deposited in our fat cells and build up within us causing various issues such as decreased metabolism, impaired immune function, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalance. These impurities can lead to adverse health effects such as water retention, early onset of disease, premature aging, and increased risk for cancer. They affect how our bodies function and the way we feel.

Cleansing and Detoxification

Cleansing and detoxification has been practiced throughout history by many cultures for physical and spiritual reasons. Today, the reported health benefits of cleansing and detoxification are numerous. Those who cleanse have reported improvements in:

  • ·         Energy                                                
  • ·         Vision
  • ·         Hair
  • ·         Skin
  • ·         Mental attitude
  • ·         Ability to cope with stressful situations

Reported benefits include weight loss, fewer colds, improved concentration, cessation of menstrual pain, migraines, and joint pain.

Nutritional Cleansing

A disadvantage among popular cleansing systems is that during the cleansing process, your body is deprived of nutrition that it normally needs.  An ideal cleansing system would be one that is effective in helping the body release impurities while providing it with essential nutrients — i.e. nutritional cleansing.

Most traditional cleanses do not provide your body with any protein. If the body does not have the protein it needs, it will use the protein stored in your muscle, which can result in a loss of muscle mass. Nutritional cleansing provides needed protein and unlike other cleanses, nutritional cleansing helps the body release toxins stored in the fat.

Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing

As a health care professional for over six years, I’ve done research into the various forms of cleansing rituals and my preferred cleansing method is a particular system of nutritional cleansing – Isagenix. 

This system is not a diet; it is a gentle, full body nutritional cleansing program. It releases toxins and impurities from the body on a cellular level and shows up on the outside in lost pounds and inches, better skin and hair, and improved overall health and wellness. It provides the body with an abundance of nutrition, removes the toxins, and provides live digestive enzymes to aid in the delivery and replenishment of nutrients to the body.

This environment will allow your body to relax, heal itself, release impurities, and help promote lean muscle mass. The amino acids also help decrease cravings and appetite and increase energy and mental clarity. Products are natural, organic, and top quality. 

Before embarking on any cleansing routine, it is recommended that you check with your health professional, especially if you take any medications or have any health problems.

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