Summer Book Blockbusters

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It’s summertime! That means camp, the beach, the sun and most importantly
no school. But just because your kids are not spending all day in the classroom does
not mean that the summer isn’t a great time to read. This summertime full of great
reads that are sure to excite your kids and ignite their love of reading.
1. I Want My Hat Back by John Klassen
This is the fun and mischievous tale of a bear in search of his hat. As the bear
encounters others animals throughout his journey the reader is delighted by the
silly illustrations that are sure to have kids of all ages laughing.
2. Ling & Ting: Not exactly the Same by Grace Lin
Ling and Ting are two identical who love to spend time together. From cooking
dumplings to practicing magic tricks, these girls stick together. But looks can be
deceiving and this story shows that just because people are identical does not
mean that they are exactly the same.
3. Bluffton: My Summers With Buster by Matt Phelan
Set in Muskegan Michigan in the summer of 1908 a visiting vaudeville troupe
comes to a nearby city. This is exciting news for Henry who ogles the elephants,
zebras, tightrope walkers, but most of all a slapstick actor his own age named
Buster Keaton. Henry longs to have the talents of Buster, but it seems that Buster
may also want a slice of Henry’s life.
4. Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse by Josée Masse
Mirror Mirror is a book of poems that can be read both forwards and backwards.
This book offers a new and exciting spin on the classics your kids love.
5. Drama by Raina Telgemeier
This graphic novel explores this complex world of the middle school musical.
Callie would love to try out for her school play Moon Over Mississippi, the only
problem is, she can’t sing. Instead she decides to devote herself to the position of
stage manager. But with the budget, the actors, the stage crew and the entrance
of two cute brothers, drama ensues both on and off the stage.
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