Mama Mind- Monthly Astrology, a combo of astrology & tarastrology!

by Dr. Lisa Marvin
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It is a fun and informative way to learn where we are in life, and what can do to make the most out of it!

Aries: Nine of Pentacles, Five of Cups, Eight of Cups

You have recently changed your views within aspects of your career or how you gain fulfillment. This month, you may feel a little more sensitive than usual. Your feelings may be hurt more easily, or you may experience some sort of heartache. This will pass, you are learning from your past, while not repeating the same mistakes!


Taurus: Ace of Wands, King of Swords, Four of Cups

You have experienced a birth of new creativity recently. This month, take charge and follow your new inspirations. You will feel more focused on your path, and less on your perceived obstacles!


Gemini: Page of Pentacles, Hermit, Fool

You’ve been getting new ideas on how to gain more fulfillment in your life. This month, connect with your intuition, and go within to gain the insight that you need. You are getting ready to begin a new personal journey!


Cancer: Five of Swords, Ace of Swords, Four of Pentacles

You have experienced a bit of a hurdle recently. This month, you will feel reenergized and inspired once again. This is a great time to take things slowly and re-evaluate your next steps!


Leo: Seven of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, Six of Cups

Things have been moving a little slower for you lately. This month, take action with the steps that you feel will bring you to the next level. You are getting ready to experience a wonderful feeling of joy and happiness!


Virgo: Strength, Two of Cups, Hierophant

You have been feeling more empowered lately. This month you will make an important emotional connection, either within yourself, or with someone else. You will notice that you find more  inspiration around you in your daily life!


Libra: Ace of Pentacles, Knight of Cups, Magician

You have experienced a birth of new fulfillment in your life. Those month, go after what you feel will bring you more emotional happiness. You now know how to use all of your gifts to bring you closer to your goals!


Scorpio: Two of Swords, King of Pentacles, Two of Wands

You have had more faith lately. This month, be bold and confident in the areas of your life that bring you fulfillment. You are getting ready to make an important personal connection within yourself, or someone else!


Sagittarius: Three of Pentacles, Nine of Cups, Seven of Cups

You have been more confident in your life lately. This month, focus on the emotional traits that you no longer need to carry with you. You are getting ready for a very important emotional change, and old views and ideas no longer will hold you back!


Capricorn: Four of Wands, Tower, Sun

You have made a new commitment recently. This month, you may feel more out of control in your life. Stay positive and know that these changes are good and making room for wonderful new experiences in your life!


Aquarius: Queen of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, Knight of Wands

You’ve been feeling more grounded lately. This month, you will make a major change in how the way you see certain situations. People also may notice a change within you. Make sure to take advantage of this new change by focusing on your new views and how you would like them affect you positively!


Pisces: Knight of Swords, Seven of Pentacles, Queen of Cups

You been more focused on going after what you want lately. This month, be patient and make plans on what you would like to see for your life in the future. Once you do, you will experience the love and happiness that you are searching for!

Dr. Lisa Marvin www.metaphysique.ca

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