by Dunsin Adebise
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June Tarostrology

It is a fun and informative way to learn where we are in life, and what can do to make the most out of it!

Dr. Lisa Marvin www.metaphysique.ca

Aries: Ace of Swords, Seven of Pentacles, Emperor

You have recently experienced some new inspiration in your life. This month, focus on planting the seeds for your fulfillment to grow. Make sure you take charge and use connect to your personal empowerment to get what you want!

Taurus: Justice, Devil, Nine of Cups

You have recently seen a new side in an old situation. This month is a great time to get back to your roots and remember all the strong qualities that make you who you are. You are ending one emotional cycle and are getting ready to start a new one on a higher level!

Gemini: Ten of Pentacles, Wheel of Fortune, Six of Cups

You have been feeling more positive lately. This month a great opportunity will present itself so take advantage while you can. You are getting ready to experience a new surge of happiness in your life!

Cancer: Hanged Man, Knight of Wands, Page of Cups

You have been feeling a little stuck lately. This month, connect with your inner desires and go after them. You will experience wonderful new experiences and ideas!

Leo: Death, Queen of Wands, Temperance

You have gone through a change and have let go of things that have not been working for you. This month try to balance your thoughts and your feelings. You will find an amazing new feeling of grounding and peace!

Virgo: Ten of Swords, Ace of Cups, Nine of Wands

You have released some painful feelings from the past. This month you will experience a birth of new positive emotions. You are going through a personal change that will bring you more peace and happiness!

Libra: Six of Pentacles, Page of Swords, Five of Cups

You have been experiencing some subtle presents from the universe. This month you will feel inspired to begin a new direction in your life. This will help you to get over past emotional hurdles that have been holding you back!

Scorpio: Page of Pentacles, Star, Six of Swords

You finally feel like you are on the right path leading you to your fulfillment. This month, reach for your dreams without fear, don’t be afraid to make them a success. You are moving away from negative energy within and around you!

Sagittarius: Seven of Cups, Nine of Swords, Magician

You made some important emotional changes recently. This month, it is important to acknowledge past painful experiences, but not let them affect your daily life any more. Once you do, you will feel like a whole new person, like the Phoenix rising up from the ashes!

Capricorn: Two of Cups, Four of Swords, Five of Pentacles

You have made an important emotional connection. This month is a great time for personal healing. You will start to become more optimistic and begin to regain faith in the power of your personal journey!

Aquarius: Chariot, Queen of Pentacles, Page of Wands

You have taken more control in a certain area of your life. This month, focus on what you want to feel, and how you will make it a reality. Once you do, you will discover new and amazing parts of yourself!

Pisces: Seven of Swords, Two of Swords, Three of Pentacles

You have been more honest with yourself lately. This month, it is important to have blind faith, knowing that what you want will come to you. You will feel more like yourself and begin to shine throughout!

Happy Birthday Gemini!

What you need to know: Queen of Swords

You have been doing a great job not letting negative experiences hold you back. To help you in your journey, notice how you react to unwanted situations. What patterns do you notice that you want to stop? You have the power to change unwanted situations by changing the way you react to them!

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