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by Dr. Lisa Marvin
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By: Dr. Lisa Marvin www.metaphysique.ca

Aries: Ten of Cups, Seven of Swords, King of Cups

You have recently experienced a feeling of happiness in your life. This month, make sure to be honest with yourself when facing new emotions. Once you understand your true feelings, you will be ready to make even more important steps in your life!


Taurus: Ace of Cups, World, Three of Pentacles

You have begun a new emotional journey. This month, the world is your oyster! There is no need to question what is happening, simply enjoy. You are getting ready to feel as though you are in the spotlight in your life!


Gemini: Judgement, High Priestess, Queen of Swords

You have gone through a major change recently. This month, it will be important to pay attention to your growing intuition. Once you do, you will be able to make decisions out of certainty, rather than fear!


Cancer: Page of Swords, Knight of Cups, Queen of Wands

You have been feeling more inspired than usual. This month, be brave when it comes to new emotional situations. Once you do, you will feel more balanced and in control than ever!


Leo: Eight of Pentacles, Seven of Pentacles, Seven of Wands

You have been working very hard lately to achieve your goals. This month, it may feel like things are moving slowly, but remember that you have already planted the seeds necessary to succeed. Take things one day at a time, success is near!


Virgo: Two of Wands, Strength, Hanged Man

You have been feeling more connected lately. This month, make sure that you feel empowered, rather than trying to overpower the situation. Once you do, you will feel less stuck, and more like yourself!


Libra: Page of Pentacles, Nine of Cups, Four of Wands

You have paid more attention to your intuition recently. This month, you will let go of certain feelings that don’t serve you anymore. Once you do, your commitment to your personal growth will grow stronger!


Scorpio: Ten of Swords, Ten of Pentacles, Five of Wands

You have been able to release past painful feelings. This month, you will feel lighter and happier than ever. These feelings will help you move through any hurdle with ease and grace!


Sagittarius: Temperance, Ace of Pentacles, Eight of Wands

You have had more patience lately. This month, you will experience a new fulfilling situation. You will notice that things will begin to move faster than usual, bringing even more joy into your life!


Capricorn: King of Swords, Four of Swords, Queen of Pentacles

You have been able to take many actions without fear recently. This month is a great time for rest and relaxation. Once you feel recharged, you will feel a new and deeper sense of fulfillment and security!


Aquarius: Sun, Six of Wands, Hermit

You have been able to enjoy yourself more lately. This month, continue these good feelings by beginning to create what you would like to experience in your life. Once you do, you won’t feel the need to retreat as much as you used to!


Pisces: Lovers, Five of Cups, Seven of Cups

You have made an important personal connection. This month, if you feel as though you are going through a bit of a hard time, remember your strength in that connection. You are making great positive emotional changes!

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