by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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May Tarostrology

It is a fun and informative way to learn where we are in life, and what can do to make the most out of it!

Dr. Lisa Marvin www.metaphysique.ca

Aries: Two of Wands, Magician, Star

You have recently made an important person connection. This month, you will feel as though you are rising up from the ashes. You will begin to use all of your talents and abilities that you have not used in a while. Reach for your dreams without fear, you will receive the success that you deserve!


Taurus: King of Wands, Chariot, Emperor

You have been putting yourself out there more lately. This month, take control of a situation that has been controlling you in the past. This is the time for you to discover your personal power. You will finally feel like you are in control of the direction of your life!


Gemini: Six of Cups, Knight of Pentacles, Tower

You have been experiencing a new feeling of happiness recently. This month is a great time to go after a new venture that will bring you fulfillment. You are getting ready to go through a major change that will bring exciting new opportunities into your life!


Cancer: Six of Pentacles, Ten of Wands, Eight of Pentacles

Your hard work has paid of and you have been receiving new rewards in your life. This month, focus on letting go of a personal burden that has been holding you back. You are getting ready to figure out what you really want, and will reap the benefits of your hard work!


Leo: Ace of Swords, Eight of Swords, Five of Cups

You have experienced some new inspiration in your life. This month, focus on breaking down the walls that you feel are in your way. They are not as hard to get rid of as you think. Once you do, emotional burdens that you have been carrying will disappear!


Virgo: Ten of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles

You have been feeling very positive lately. This month you will change the way you see an important situation, and others will notice the change within you. You are going through an important healing process so let yourself continue to grow and enjoy!


Libra: Page of Swords, Moon, Seven of Wands

You have been noticing new and exciting ideas coming to you lately. This month, you may feel a little more emotional than usual. Try to go with the flow and know that it will even out soon. You are learning the important lessons of patience and balance!


Scorpio: Wheel of Fortune, Seven of Swords, Ace of Wands

You have been presented with a new opportunity recently. This month, try to remain honest with yourself when weighing your options. You will feel a surge of new creativity and excitement in your life!


Sagittarius: Five of Wands, Three of Swords, Page of Cups

You are coming out of situation that felt like a hurdle to overcome. This month, try not to repeat old negative thoughts and feelings. You are getting ready to experience a new feeling of peace and love in your life!


Capricorn: Justice, King of Swords, Empress

You have gotten to the bottom of an important situation. This month, find your personal power and follow your inspiration. You feel feel a new sense of unconditional love and nurturing that you have been missing!


Aquarius: Ten of Swords, King of Pentacles, Seven of Cups

You have been able to heal from a painful situation. This month you will like you can go after anything with great success. This will help you change how you feel about certain things that have been holding you back!


Pisces: Eight of Cups, Nine of Swords, Nine of Cups

You have been learning about certain emotional aspects that have been holding you back. This month, it is important to acknowledge them, but make the decision to move forward without them. You are getting ready to go through an important emotional change that will bring you the happiness you deserve!



Happy Birthday Taurus!

What you need to know: Nine of Swords

This is the perfect time for you to “become the dreamer of pain”. Acknowledge all of your negative thoughts and feelings that have shaped you, and may still be holding you back. Recognize that they have made you who you are, but are no longer needed on your personal journey. You are free to become whoever you want to be!

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