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The Wiggles Interview

We got the scoop…

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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The Wiggles are not just another kids’ group, they are the hottest gig around! They can be compared to U2 and Rolling Stones! They have entertained children for over two decades and continue to deliver positive messages with their background in education and their combination of delivering a spectacular performance.

We recently sat down backstage for a chat and got the low down, no pun intended on the group from down under.

Emma Watkins, the female Wiggle, shared her wedding plans, her fashion accessories and how she is inspiring the boys in the band, and their future plans…

Anthony Fields, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Sam Murran, Emma Watts, are Rocking it out with kids all over the world! They are IT!!!!

PINK&BLUE Magazine: Emma how does it feel to be the first girl Wiggle? How does it feel tone a girl role model? Was it hard to break into an all boy group?

Emma: It was a surprise when Anthony asked me, now it has been 3 years. Such a growth of our audiences. With the release of Emma’s series in Australia and the girls wearing bows in their hair & shoes has been lovely.

I joked, you are a ” trendsetter”, she laughed and said yeah!

Emma: I am even inspiring the boys to start wearing bow ties!

PINK&BLUE Magazine: What was the best fan moment?

Anthony: An adult man had a Wiggle tattoo on his calf & on his face and on the other half the names. He laughed, it was about 10 years ago!

PINK&BLUE Magazine: Are any of you parents? If you are, how did it shape you being a Wiggle as a parent?

Anthony: I am a child teacher. It is interesting with kids. 3 out of 4 us were teachers. Sam was in the Wiggles. I have 2 girls and they were into ballet and boys are into dinosaurs.

I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a girl in the Wiggles that loved ballet.

Emma has a background in ballet and the boys have a background in Irish dancing.

PINK&BLUE Magazine: Your such a role model for young children, how does it effect the decision you make in daily life?

Wiggles: We do a lot of story telling & communicating through songs. It is about honest communication in a language that the children understand.

It is all about acceptance like wearing glasses, and the importance of the foods you eat.

In the end, it is about marrying actions & words.

PINK&BLUE Magazine: What is your favourite song to perform?

Wiggles: Rock a Bye Bear, it marry’s the lyric with action. Bowing to your partner and watching the audience singing it back is the best part.

PINK&BLUE Magazine:  Lochy & Emma word on the street is you are engaged. When will is the wedding?

Emma & Lochy: We are engaged to be married next year, it will be around the tour. We will be getting married in Australia.

PINK&BLUE Magazine:  What is the next big thing for the Wiggles?

Finish this big tour, and release Emma’s series in Canada and go back to Australia. Then start, the series in Canada next year with lots of different characters, their will be a police officer reborn from the original show back in the new series that Grandparents will recall.

Taken at media event for Wiggles
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