Transition from Crib to Toddler Bed

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Parents have numerous reasons for wanting to transition from crib to a toddler bed and for us it was the impending arrival of baby #2. There are various method to embark on the transitionary journey with options such as letting them sleep on a matress on the floor and toddler beds to a full blown adult bed with baby rails.

However before starting any of that keep an eye on your child’s reaction, engage and ask them if they’d like to switch to a bigger bed. In our case we told her that the new baby will need her baby bed and that she was to have a big girl bed. We also found her requesting to sleep in our guest bed instead of her crib; another sign. It can happen cold turkey so be prepared to run with it and maintain the excitement.

We decided to explore the world of toddler beds and sure enough there were some very fun reasonably priced models out there that was sure to please dad’s pocket and the toddler’s imagination. The benefit of toddler beds is that they are mini beds essentially and offer a comfortable transition from tiny crib to large bed, easing any pottential anxiety or fears.

Places like Walmart carry a range of options (have fun but don’t get overwhelmed by the various choices of cartoon characters, heights, support structures e.t.c) that’s sure to suit everyone’s needs. In our case it was a Dora The Explorer Bed which had rails to prevent the nearly two year old from sliding off the bed. The bed was low which meant she was independent to move around her room (which can also be a bit daunting to parents!) and a regular crib mattress fit perfectly which meant that no new sheets neeeded to be purchased. For condo dweellers, a toddler bed is ideal as space is limited and these beds are reasonaly small and fit in most tiny spaces. All in all for under $80 you have yourself a transitionary bed for a couple months or year depending on the child.

Keep an eye out for changes in sleep patterns during the transitionary phase and do your best to stick to previous routines to ensure that things go back to “normal” sooner rather than later. Maintain the excitement for a new bed but watchout for any signals of intimadation. Sometimes the child just may not be ready to embark on that journey just yet. You can always try again in a few weeks.
itch makes it fun for the little ones and best of all, the prices are very reasonable. Toss in some diaper deliveries whilst you’re at it, their prices usually 

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