Travelling with the kids

how to survive and thrive

by Wioletta Rehman
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We have been travelling since both my kids were about 3 months old. First, we took road trips to the USA. Then, when my kids were 5 months old, we started taking trips on planes. Now that my girls are 3 and 6 years old, travelling has become  a big part of our lives.

                 Surviving a Trip with Your Kids: Supplies

We bring two iPads with headphones – these are my saviors. Headphones are important because then other people do not have to listen to the children’s games or movies. I always make sure to have extra chargers in case the iPads die.

Both girls have backpacks. We keep snacks in one bag – granola bars, goldfish crackers, little chocolates and candies. In the other bag, we pack books, crayons and stickers. Dollarama sells little packages of colouring books that include stickers and four crayons.

                                      What to Pack
In my own carry on, I keep spare clothes and pharmaceutical supplies like Tylenol, Gravol, gripe water and bandages. It’s also great to pack Florastor and  Benadryl. While Florastor works wonders on an upset stomach, Benadry is great for moms like me who have little ones with allergies.

                                        The Trip
It probably goes without saying, but make sure everyone goes to the washroom before boarding the plane. It will be much more complicated for your kids to go to the bathroom on the flight. Make sure to have some movies and TV shows loaded on your tablets for your kids to watch during the flight. Also, kids will love if you pack a little surprise for every trip. The excitement of a new colouring book, toy or stickers will keep them occupied during the flight.

All of these tips and tricks have helped me get through long trips with my kids. They love travelling, and while I’m not big on flying, I can still enjoy the trips. We’re leaving next month for vacation. Though it’s going to be a fourteen hour flight, I’m actually looking forward to it!

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