The Ultimate Summer Camp Packing List

How to Get Camp Ready

by Pink&Blue Contributor
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School is almost out and soon school bags will be switched out for duffle bags of camp gear. Typically summer camps can range anywhere from a week to several months long and packing can be quite a chore. The first thing to remember is to give yourself lots of time to help your child pack. It’s a team effort and when you pack together you can build the excitement for summer camp and have some bonding time before they head off to camp. This will also let them know exactly what is going to camp and what is staying behind. Take your time to ensure that nothing is forgotten then you can relax knowing that your youngster has everything they need while they’re gone.

Things to remember while packing:
Before you start to pack make sure to check the camp packing list provided by the organization for all essentials they will need for their specific camp. Some camps might require the child to bring certain items like bedding. The next thing to do is to mark all your kids belongings from socks to sleeping bags. Be sure to wash any new clothing or new sleeping items before packing.

Now that you have a checklist grab some bags it’s time to get packing! Starting with the clothing your child will need. Some experts recommend you pack enough clothes to last your little one one-and-a-half times the number of days they will be at the camp. This is mostly for camps that are a week or less that don’t have laundry services, if there are laundry services then pack enough clothes for the number of days between laundry services.

The Typical Summer Camp Packing List
– Hat/Bandanna/Scarf
– Sunglasses
– Raingear (raincoat, splash pants, rubber boots) or umbrella
– Light jacket
– Sweatshirt/sweaters
– Long sleeve shirts
– T-shirts
– Tank tops
– Bras
– Underwear
– Jeans/pants
– Shorts
– Sweat pants or warm up pants
– Pajamas
– Cotton bathrobe
– Boots
– Flip flops
– Shoes plus a spare pair
– Socks

Personal Hygiene Items:
– Toiletry bag or organizer
– Hairbrush/comb
– Toothbrush, toothbrush container, and toothpaste
– Shower caddy
– Deodorant
– Lip balm
– Nail clippers
– Soap in carrier
– Shampoo and conditioner
– Shaving cream and razors (make sure to check with your camp for policies)
– Tissues
– Feminine hygiene products
– Washcloth
– Hand Towel
– Space bags (great for towels and linens)

Extra Items:
– Prescription Medication
– Glasses, contacts, cleaning solution
– Bug repellant (usually aerosols are not allowed – check with your camp)
– Sunscreen SPF 30 or higher
– Bedding (check with your camp checklist for specifics if any)
– Sleeping bag, twin-size fitted sheets and pillows
– Camera
– Flashlight and spare batteries
– Laundry bag
– Reusable water bottle or canteen
– Writing paper, pre-addressed envelopes and stamps or calling card
– Spending money (make sure to check with camp for policies)
– Entertainment such as books, decks of cards, hackey sack, journal/notebook, pens, pencil crayons etc
– Small backpack or tote for day-trips
– Reminders of home (such as pictures you don’t mind getting ruined)

If there is Swimming:
– Swimsuit
– Swim shirt with UV protection
– Goggles for swimming
– Beach towel
– Watershoes or sandals for waterfront and wetlands
– Floatation devices (check with camp list to see if necessary)

If there are Sports:
– Athletic support (jock strap for boys, sports bra for girls)
– Cleats/running shoes
– Check your camp’s list to ensure you pack the correct equipment!

Create an inventory list of everything that has been packed. Place a copy in your kids bag for your child or their counselor to make sure that things don’t go missing; it’s also a great list to use for packing to come home. For an added bonus hide some notes for your kids in their bag! They will appreciate it when they are away.

Summer camps can be an amazing time for your children – and you! Proper packing can help you and your little ones have a relaxing and fun summer.

Happy Packing!

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