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Winter Fashion-Trends for Kids and Babies

BY Meytal Algranti

by Meytal Algranti
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Let me break this down. There are so many trends happening for every age group. Even toddler fashion has become cutting edge in the last several years. If you have a newborn don’t overdo it with trendy clothes though. Just let your baby chill in a onesie. I strongly believe in comfort  above all else for kids. So no, those skinny pleather pants for your 4 month old are not working.

Wanna up your style game and stay cozy at the same time this winter? How about printed harem sweat pants? Ask mommy to ditch the Gymboree boot cut jeans and get a cool pair of drop-crotch snuggly sweats instead. They’re easier to play in, more comfortable and instantly stylish. #winning


Beanie hats – there’s nothing better and nothing cooler. A lot of parents think that children need to wear a balaclava to stay warm. Negative. There are so many awesome hat options for people of all ages and at all price points! No need to break the bank on a winter trend: check out any of your fave stores. You’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.


If you want those emoji leggings so badly, I suggest you only buy one pair because that trend will come and go before you can post your next story on Snapchat. They are super cute though…I kind of want a pair. Comfy clothing like sweats and hoodies have made a real statement in kids’ and young adult fashion. Let’s let kids be kids by staying comfy and stylish all winter long.



Trendy Winter Gear for the Family!


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