Winter Style for Every Child

What your kids should be wearing this winter!

by Nicole Bloomberg, MBA
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Fur, velvet and knits are fashion staples this winter for both parents and children!

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Add some sass to your little ones wardrobe by snagging some of these winter staples that will keep them stylish and warm, just like mommy and daddy. It’s all about the fabrics this winter season so be sure to put away the t-shirts and hoodies and grab a fur vest or velvet dress for your little one instead. Knit pieces are sure to keep your child warm, and there are tons of cute knits on the market right now that would look adorable paired with some cute fur boots and jeans!

Since its all about textures and fabrics this season, try pairing different textures together to make your little one look hip just like you! If you’re lucky you can snag some similar pieces for mommy and baby, and take over the town in some matching faux fur!

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